Mineral Basin Road

I went out with one of the local 4×4 clubs last weekend. They had their quarterly training camp out and drive. Recovery techniques and gear was discussed, great books on Utah back roads and off road adventures were passed around plus a bunch of other camping related questions asked by the group (the Westy has camping stuff covered pretty good though! I was mainly interested in the recovery aspect). We also got more info on Tread Lightly, a group I think everyone should be friends with. I believe in enjoying the landscape in a variety of ways, driving off road included. But we have to  be good stewards of the land, especially if we want to continue using it.

The next day we split into groups based on the drives we wanted to do. I wanted to see what the syncro had in it so I went up with the second to Mineral Basin road (Forest road 007). It’s rough…

IMG_4776a IMG_4793a IMG_4795a

A few of us did the first hard third of the entire trail. The rock garden section is almost 150 feet long… It wasn’t too difficult for the syncro, but I could have used some more clearance. Mine still has stock shocks/springs and on the small side of what tires are used!

IMG_5372 IMG_5376 IMG_5385

American Fork Canyon is really beautiful! Huge area too.

And on the way back down.

IMG_4885a IMG_4887a IMG_4881a IMG_4886a

Then I took Pole Line Pass over to Midway, nice drive! Will be beautiful in the fall with leaves changing colors.IMG_5386 IMG_5389

Another trip done. Lots of scrapes from rocks underneath but didn’t break anything and drove home. It’s nice to know what this thing is capable of. There are places I want to drive it in this world and I have to know we can do it!

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