Central Utah Dirt Road Thanksgiving

I finally got my new transmission in, a couple days off and a girlfriend who wants to road trip (and drive dirt roads!). So away we went…


No real destination in mind until about 30 minutes before we left, just get in and drive…

Ended up driving on the Pony Express Trail until the Fish Springs bird reserve, then turned South.



I could think of a million more warmer places to build a cabin



Waking up in the shadow of Notch Peak.

Ibex Utah, really amazing rock formations!



Cowboy trash


Then on to Wah Wah Ranch and to Frisco to look at ruins and hopefully see horses. Got lost a little bit until I got to the power line road, back out onto the highway just in time for a nice lunch in the sun and air tires back up.

Charcoal kiln at Frisco


Then on to Milford, turn North for a bit and followed the dirt road by the new power lines out to Cove Fort. Took the tour, didn’t get proselytized, then out to Monroe to soak in hot springs!

We were planning on getting to the dirt road between 4 and Kanosh (in the Utah 65 byways book) but the map failed us right off the freeway exit. Ended up climbing up dirt roads towards Kimberly until the snow got too slippery and didn’t want to deal with sliding off the road in the middle of nowhere! So we turned around and found a camping spot right off the road. Turns out the loggers who we passed on the way up had done a dumb thing and left hot embers in their fire pit. Have to admit it was kind of nice though just plopping down my large firewood and having it going in a couple minutes! Meant dutch oven soup that night!

Brrrrr! Coldest night yet in the westy!

The next day we found the real road we were supposed to find the night before and started home. Really nice views everywhere.

Then headed up to Delta, then through Eureka and home. Nearly flawless running of the van, just had a coolant light relay go bad and give a false light. New transmission was awesome! Thanks AA Transaxle, gearing was spot on. This trip was also the first with cruise control! Oh how did I ever drive without it 🙂 Average fuel economy on this trip was 26-28 and it generally goes up on dirt roads.

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